There are 4 modules in IELTS as given below:-

1. Reading 

At jssm students have been providing a knowledge in every depth. First and foremost when reading came into the minds of students they get into two minds.But here we are providing reading according to the levels of every student's so that they won't feel any difficulty in reading module.

  •  Level 1 is for beginners.
  •  level 2 is for moderate.
  • Level 3 is for intermediate.
  • Level 4 is for advanced.

* Eventually when students level step by step get improved then they have been shifted towards chronological  orders.

* Every doubt realted to specific question is being cleared by the well renowned teacher so that students will not remain in the confusion.


In listening there are four parts with ten questions each. The questions are designed according to the audio so that the answers appear in order as heard in the audio.

* Here at institute, students have been given proper environment by providing proper headsets and diverse tasks of listening on every day.

** Firstly students get through detail from the teacher how to perform the every part of listening modules.


**In writing, there are two tasks, if students are planning to take IELTS Academic so they have to perform task 1 which is graph writing and task 2 for essay writing.

**Although, if planning to take GT IELTS then there is a task 1 for letter writing and task 2 essay writing.

** Individual feedback is given to every student so that they can improve their problems.

** Everything is explained by the mentor first and also topic specific vocab are needed to boost your band score all points should be taken care  by the teacher so that they can provide best and in depth knowledge to clear your doubts.


In speaking there are three parts and we help every student according to their level and boost their confidence, tell them strategies how to develop the ideas related to the spoken parts.

PART 1- INTRODUCTORY ROUND( in which students get knowledge  from the teacher how to converse)

PART 2- LONG TURN ( generally in this round students feel hesitated but with the help of tips and tricks provided by mentor it becomes easy for students to perform.


In this round students have to converse more and more by  citing the examplification and other things which is firstly tell by the teacher how to perform in every parts to attain a higher bands

You ll' surly get your desired band score with the help of our methods

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